Zeit Nach Flug-Nr.
: Munich MUC167
: Munich MUC171
: Munich MUC171
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EDDM 261420Z AUTO 10009KT 070V130 CAVOK 28/15 Q1015 NOSIG



Flug-Nr. ETD From To Status Gate (EDDM) In Progress
MUC167 14:00 Madeira Munich CRUISE (MUC986) 107 DELAYED
MUC171 00:00 Hurghada Munich DESCEND (MUC977) 108 DELAYED
MUC171 00:00 Hurghada Munich DESCEND (MUC977) 109 DELAYED
MUC148 : Munich Oslo Gardermoen LANDED (MUC997) 110
MUC166 14:00 Munich Madeira LANDED (MUC986) 111

Worldwide Destinations

We fly both, continentale- and intercontinental destinations


München Airways is provided with the most modern fleet

Real ATC

We fly on the Online-Network "IVAO". With standard phrases of the DFS we fly easily by the most different airspaces

The Social

In our Airline the fun as well as the respect is very valuable between the pilots

Real Flight Routes

All routes are checked by us and are updated daily. Summer as well as winter flight schedules bring you a lot of variety

Teamspeak 3

With the use of the Teamspeak 3 server the pilots can fly together or exchange themselves mutually