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Pilot: MUC002 Fabian Scherer Flugzeug: PMDG 737-800NGXu SSW Sunrise (OE-AAF| 20 Distanz: 751NM
Departure LEPA Arrival EGGW Duration 00:05
Validation Validated Type Regular Registry OE-AAF
ZFW 57900 Block Fuel/Initial FOB 4,676/0 Flight Fuel 107
Passengers 173 Cargo 972 Alternate EGNX
Departure Time 15:00 Cruise Speed Flight Level
Flight Type IFR Aircraft Type B738P Weight Unit Kg
Datum 03-30-2020 Pilot Comments Netzwerk null
Crashed Nein Validator Anmerkungen Flight Rating 91

Crashed OK Beacon off & Engine Running OK KIAS Above 250 below 10000 FT OK
Lights OFF below 10000 FT OK Lights ON above 10000 FT OK Stall OK
Overspeed OK Flight paused OK Refueling OK
Slew detected OK Taxi & Taxi lights off OK Take off & lights off OK
Landing & lights off OK Landed in not planned airport OK Taxi Speed OK
Wrong altimeter in Take off OK Wrong altimeter in Landing OK
Landing wind 29º/17 kt Landing heading
Landung VS: -157 ft/min Landung IAS: 0 kt
Landing Force G 0 G Landing Bank 0
Landing Pitch 0 Landing Flaps 0
Navigation Lights OFF Landing Lights OFF
Beacon Lights OFF Strobe Lights OFF
Miles & More 5.00
Gepäckgebühren(11). Number of PAX: 173 1,903.00
Comfort-Plus 10.00
Bordverpflegung(15.5). Number of PAX: 173 2,681.50
Bordverkauf (Duty-Free) 500.00
Cargo:972 .Price per Cargo Unit:15 14,580.00
Number of PAX:173 .Price per PAX:120 20,760.00
Gebäude und Einrichtungen -1,500.00
Steuern -1,900.00
Steuern(1900). Flight duration: 0.09 -171.00
Duty-Free Artikel -345.00
Catering(8.5). Number of PAX: 173 -1,470.50
Flugzeugabfertigung -372.00
Landegebühren -865.20
Kerosin (1.44). Fuel used: 4676 -6,733.44
TOTAL 27,082.36
2020-03-30 15:55:36 BOARDING30318133
2020-03-30 17:36:07 LIGHTS OFF UNDER 10000 ft27113392
2020-03-30 17:52:11 TAXI TO RUNWAY 139534
2020-03-30 17:52:11 TAXI TO GATE139534
2020-03-30 17:57:17 TAXING WITH TAXI LIGHTS OFF25531
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