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Your unique VA from the south

München Airways

6 reasons that speak for us

National & international Destinations

Europe or Asia? North or South America? We have something for everyone!

Extensive modern fleet

Whether A300 or B787 we have the right aircraft for you!

Realistic controllers

We are flying on VATSIM and IVAO, but offline pilots are also welcome.

Active community

The community is very important to us. Become a part of München Airways too.

Summer and winter flightplans

Exciting destinations await you with us in regularly changing summer and winter flightplans.


On our Discord we organize group flights or just sit together and have fun.


Then apply today as a pilot at München Airways and start to fly with us!


Abflüge / Ankünfte

Flightnumber Departure Arrival Aircraft Status
MUC124 OMDB EDDM B789 D-ADAD Gelandet um 17:27/02
MUC111 OMDB EDDM A320 D-AIVE Gelandet um 17:53/02
MUC019 OMDB EDDM MD1F D-AZAD Gelandet um 18:01/02
MUC615 OMDB EDDM A310 D-ACHK Gelandet um 18:11/02
MUC012 OMAA EDDB A333 D-AILC Gelandet um 18:13/02
MUC005 OMDB EDDB BBJ2 D-AINT Gelandet um 18:36/02
MUC086 OMDB EDDB MD1F D-AZAC Gelandet um 18:53/02
MUC863 OMDB EDDM B77F D-ACHH Gelandet um 01:18
MUC2002 EDDM EDDH B738 D-AIND Gelandet um 11:52
MUC106 EDDE EDSB A320 D-AIVF Gelandet um 11:52
MUC2210 EDDM LQSA A320 D-AIVH Gelandet um 13:09
MUC2002 EDDM EDDH A320 D-AIVN Gelandet um 13:26
MUC2138 EDDM EGPH A320 D-AIVJ Gelandet um 14:13
MUC2211 LQSA EDDM A320 D-AIVH Gelandet um 15:46
MUC2024 EDDM EKCH B739 D-ABZW Gelandet um 16:08
MUC107 ENVA ENBR A320 OE-ABC Gelandet um 16:33
MUC2003 EDDH EDDM B738 D-AIND Gelandet um 16:45
MUC2025 EKCH EDDM B739 D-ABZW Geplanter Start 17:50

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Why München Airways?

Here's what our pilots say


The team spirit in this airline is unique. There is always a relaxed atmosphere: a great way to spend the evening!


München Airways rounds off the experience of virtual life as an airline pilot perfectly. With a great helpful community, no question remains unanswered. Whether scheduled or charter, our changing flight schedules mean I can always choose between routine and new challenges.


The ability to fly with a diverse fleet, the pilot-aircraft bond, and the variety of destinations that can be flown to. And don't forget the community of the pilots.


Flying for Munich Airways is always a pleasure; routes are endless with the open opportunities to charter your own flights. Overall, the sense of belonging, community, and a constantly active discord is why I continue to proudly fly under their name.


I fly for München Airways because I think the structure of the VA is good, I really appreciate the community and the hobby is a lot more fun in a good community.


I like being part of München Airways because the community is simply the best. The team and also the painters do a great job!


Rank Flight hours Salary
Cadet 0 - 50 hours €30
Second Officer 50 - 100 hours €45
Junior First Officer 100 - 250 hours €60
Senior First Officer 250 - 500 hours €75
Captain 500 - 1.000 hours €90
Type Rating Instructor 1.000 - 2.500 hours €105
Type Rating Examiner 2.500 - 5.000 hours €120
Base Captain 5.000 - 10.000 hours €135
Flying MUC Legend from 10.000 hours €150
With charter flights, each pilot, regardless of rank, gets €15

Our Partners


Founder of the CHC Charity Flight

IVAO Partner VA

TFDi Design Partner VA

Simbrief Partner VA

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Andreas Feldhoff

Airline Manager München AirCargo und Leitung des Personalmanagements

Tim Fuchs

Stv. CEO
Leiter der Pressestelle und des Trainingsdepartments. Vertretung des CEO´s im Tagesgeschäft

Florian Kottisch

Stv. CEO und Flottenmanager
Zuständig für Beschaffung und Wartung aller Flugzeuge der MUC Gruppe sowie Koordination der Paintings.

Jonas Kühn

IT Manager
Leiter der IT-Abteilung. Für die Entwicklung und Wartung des FOCs zuständig.

Florian Esslinger

Hubmanager EDDM
Leiter der MUC Kurz-, Lang-, Regionalflotte.

Philipp Müller

Airline Manager Sunrise
Leiter der Sunrise Hubs LEPA/EDDN/EDDK

Bjoern Borlinghaus

Leitet zusammen mit Philipp die Planung und Durchführung der MUC-Events

Philipp Scheuerer

Leitet zusammen mit Björn die Planung und Durchführung der MUC-Events

Maximilian Lappé

Leiter der Farbküche